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What is a therapeutic consultant and what sets you apart from other consulting practices?

A therapeutic consultant refers children, adolescents, and adults to the most appropriate treatment programs and professionals. As therapeutic consultants, we provide the clinical support and guidance necessary for you to make the right therapeutic and educational decisions. Our educational backgrounds, combined with our practical and hands-on experience in diverse therapeutic settings, provide our clients and families with reassurance as they navigate the therapeutic decision-making process.

Do your consultants get compensated by programs for referrals?

We do not accept referral fees from any of the programs we work with to maintain the integrity of our relationship with our families. We do not work directly for any program or organization and are not incentivized in any way for providing referrals. Our recommendations are objective and individualized, with the needs of the client and family at the center of what we do.

How often do you visit programs?

Our team regularly visits and assesses hundreds of schools and programs every year so we can be intimately familiar with what is available and assist in meeting the specific needs of your child. We spend a lot of time and resources in traveling to visit these programs, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses, witnessing the individual therapist’s approach first hand and the client demographic that they best serve.

What is the cost of treatment? How do families afford long term placement?

The cost of treatment varies with the types of schools and programs that we work with. The types of programs vary as does the length of stay. Thus, the cost of these programs varies due to how specialized their services are and what clinical and educational supports are provided. We can provide an estimate of costs after talking with you and learning more about your family’s unique situation.

Whereas some programs do accept insurance, families should expect to pay privately for many of the programs that we work with. We can discuss financial strategies around affordability such as insurance advocacy or healthcare loans.

What are the signs that my child needs an out of home placement?

Oftentimes out of home placements are recommended when previous attempts at treatment have been exhausted and local resources are unable to provide the level of intervention to create a path to recovery. At other times, behaviors are so risky (self-harm, suicidality, school-refusal, aggression, substance use) that more intensive treatment is necessary to maintain a level of safety so that a client can emotionally access the treatment that is necessary to alleviate some of these disruptive patterns. Our process of gathering as much information as possible about our clients allows us to make recommendations for the type of program or level of care that will be most beneficial for the client.

Please also review the “Our Process” page to gather more information about how we work with families and formulate recommendations.

Why hire a consultant when I can research programs online?

It is natural that families start searching for programs online however, websites do not necessarily give you the most accurate information on what the program is able to provide. Some programs put their primary focus into optimizing their websites to appear in your search engine rather than putting that energy in program development and staffing.

We realize you know your child better than anyone and respect the knowledge you have gained in this process already, however there can be therapeutic as well as financial setbacks if your child is placed in the wrong program. At One Oak, we take the guesswork out of finding the best fit for your child. We can save you thousands of dollars and can prevent you from experiencing the financial and emotional disappointment of a potential treatment failure.

Do you work with families outside of the cities where your offices are located?

Our team at One Oak works with families nationally and even internationally. When families are outside of our practice locations, we spend time over the phone or video conference and whenever possible we will visit our clients while they are in treatment.

What role does One Oak play once a placement has occurred?

At One Oak, our consultants become an integral part of the treatment team and provide extensive case management during the course of treatment. We maintain regular communication with the treatment team and serve as an advocate if issues or concerns arise. While your loved one is in treatment, we serve as a support to you throughout the process. Our adult clients also have access to us during the course of their treatment should they need additional support or advocacy. Our continuing involvement in the treatment process allows us to provide ongoing guidance and support around aftercare and transition planning as well.