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Independent Therapeutic Placement Consultants

Experts in Therapeutic and Educational Placements for Children, Adolescents and Adults.

There is no such thing as “one size fits all” treatment. After years working as a clinician and addictions counselor I saw a profound need to help families avoid—or escape—the revolving door of treatment. That’s why I founded One Oak Therapeutic Consulting. We’ve helped hundreds of families find the help they need.

Kim Jenkins, LCSW, CADC, One Oak Founder

Why One Oak?


Our work as clinicians, parent coaches, addictions counselors, and treatment-program “insiders” has given us a refined understanding of what individual clients need. We’re trained to listen for subtleties that might affect treatment and we possess both a clinical and intuitive understanding of the family system.

Program Knowledge

We personally visit and have assessed hundreds of schools and treatment programs in the US and abroad and work only with the best. Our independent status means that One Oak consultants receive no incentives of any kind from programs, keeping our evaluations and referrals objective.

Key Relationships

At One Oak, we don’t just match clients to programs, we match clients to people. Within each program are clinicians and counselors with different clinical specialties and different personalities. And, yes, we do have favorites. Our team makes sure that all of our clients have access to the best program—and people in that program—to meet their unique needs.

Placement Expertise

Placement is part art, part science. The real proof is in the results. Collectively, the One Oak team has successfully placed hundreds of clients and participated in their progress from start to finish.

Our Clients

One Oak serves children, adolescents and adults with therapeutic and behavioral issues. Some of our clients have never been to treatment. Others have not been successful in previous treatment placements or local resources have not provided enough structure and support and thus a more tailored consultation and placement process is required.

Our clients present with complex emotional, behavioral, and neurological issues including but not limited to