Note to Programs

Collaboration = Success

In addition to helping the right clients find the right program, One Oak also collaborates with your program throughout the treatment process to support your work and help with planning, strategy, and troubleshooting. When the time approaches to discharge or graduate your client, we can help craft a customized transition strategy designed to ensure that progress made in your program is sustained after discharge.


Do what you do best

For the right client at the right time, you know that your program is the best in the world—a lifesaver, a miracle.  But you also know the challenges of working with a client who falls outside of your sweet spot.  These clients may seem to make progress during treatment, only to struggle and return again and again.  Usually, this is not the result of a failed program…or a failed client.  Usually, it’s the result of a failed match.The key to improving outcomes isn’t to adjust your approach to a wider range of clients. One size fits all treatment simply isn’t effective.  The key is to do what you do best and to make sure that the right clients find you.  One Oak can help.

Let’s Connect

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to improve your outcomes by making sure that the right clients find your school or program.