The Value of Diagnosis: It’s Never Too Late to Get It Right

When Susan Boyle came to audition on Britain’s Got Talent, she wowed the audience with her amazing performance. She was an instant celebrity. Her audition went viral and everyone wanted to see her perform live. However, she was quite odd and exhibited a great deal of anxiety. She was in her 50’s and now that […]

Never Trust a Teenager!

Okay, I should qualify that.  In general, don’t offer complete and unreserved trust to a teenager.  Why not? For the same reason you shouldn’t fully trust someone to fly a plane if they don’t have their pilot’s license.  Teens are a bit like untested pilots.  They are in the cockpit of a powerful machine they’re […]

One Oak Gets Acknowledged

Recently, a client of mine had a two-part article published in a magazine that mentions One Oak and the work we are doing to help families and teens. We appreciate knowing we are helping families in times of need. Part 1: What to Do When You Don’t Know What Else to Do Part 2: Teens […]